One Step at a Time…

In our quest to create unique home environments for ourselves, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of selections! 

However, the details are the distinguishing features that provide interest, enjoyment and originality.  Wouldn’t life be boring if the neighbor’s home was exactly like ours?

Because staircases are so often centrally located in our homes, they are a natural place to focus on detailing.  With a wide variety of newel posts, spindles and handrails, it’s easy to come up with a look that is unique to your home and that carries the architectural details from the exterior of your home into the interior.

An example at right, shows how the wainscoting from the upper and main level was repeated on the newel posts.  The handrail was selected to incorporate the dark finish on the treads and in the homeowner’s accompanying furniture. 

An example at left, shows how the clean lines of the wall openings on the second floor, are repeated in the homeowner’s selection of avery clean, handrail, baluster and newel post.  In fact, the dark finish on all the stairparts mimics the framed art selected for the wall along this staircase!  Though it’s a departure from the white base boards selected for the main level, it’s clear the homeowner likes the simple, clean contrast of light and dark.   

Take another look at stairparts and incorporate the details that will support your overall home design concept. 

-Holly Bayer, ASID