Not enough time in the day…

By: Jill Wuertz, Product Manager

We talk a lot about infusing our homes with character, encouraging everyone to avoid “cookie cutter” and builder grade and finding new life in old spaces or things. Pinterest, while one of the best web sites ever, can overwhelm even the most organized of people. After you’ve pinned your ideas there is not enough time in the day to complete them all. A friend once said to me, “I get depressed when I go home, because my house doesn’t look anything like my Pinterest house.” Projects around the house, whether inspired by a home magazine or your imagination can be overwhelming.

Personally I’ve decided to start small to tackle some of the projects I’ve pinned. I’ve been trying and thinking a lot about repurposing items from around my house, finding new uses for old things. I just tackled some candlesticks made from discarded newel posts (first picture above). The painting took the longest, but overall it was a fast project.

I’ve also been thinking about what to do with the doors I’ve replaced in my home. This door shelf (second picture above) seems like a good way to repurpose. I haven’t started in yet, but it appears simple enough. The bright teal paint would be a great way to add a pop of color to my son’s playroom.

I also have been thinking about how to make our entryway more inviting and use up some of the random boards leftover from other projects. This board and batten (third picture above) project I’ve found will help add some character and seems like a simple weekend project.

With winter just around the corner and a heap of guests waiting to visit, I am going to make the time to tackle these projects, even if it means less time on Pinterest searching for new ideas.

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