Green It Is

By: Jill Wuertz, Product Manager

Right now I’m reading “Bossypants” by Tina Fey. I got this book from the library. Old school right? I rode my bike to the library too. After the library I stopped at the farmers market and bought some homemade raspberry jam, sugar snap peas and fresh salsa. There is an article I read last year called “Going Green is Classy.” I am not doing these things to “go green” or be sustainable or to be a part of trend or be classy. I grew up on a farm, I am doing them because they make sense.

Even if you don’t buy in to “green practices” or sustainability, the concept of green should just be about common sense. Shouldn’t we want to use less natural resources? Don’t we want to have cars that are more efficient? If I am able shouldn’t I use my bike to go three blocks to a farmers market to buy jam. No offense to the good people at Smuckers, but isn’t sourcing products locally just more practical?

Below is a list of ways to start greening up your life by using sustainable practices…sounds impressive, but really it’s just a list of ways to be more thoughtful of your day to day choices.

  • Recycle or Upcycle or Reuse-really think about what you are throwing in the garbage
  • Grow your own garden or visit your local farmers markets
  • If possible source products that are FSC certified-furniture, mouldings and doors. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. It is a third party organization that certifies the sustainable wood harvest practices.
  • If a product you are looking for can’t be produced locally, try and purchase it locally
  • Catch up on current Energy Star guidelines-Updating your entry doors is a great way to add value and save on heating and cooling costs
  • Use refillable water bottles
  • See our previous blogs about Energy Efficiency Tips and 5 Energy Efficiency Myths Busted
  • Purchase products with low or zero VOCs: volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are toxins commonly found in paints, sealers and finishes that are released into the air, think “new car” smell. Zero or low VOC products can help improve indoor air quality for everyone especially those with allergies. Next week, we’ll be sharing with you our new Ultra Prefinish process that utilizes eco-friendly coatings!
  • Car pool
  • Check out green building programs (NAHB Green, LEED) even if you are not applying for certifications take a read through concepts about energy efficiency, water conservation and responsible, sustainable products.

After you’ve completed or started the above list you can either start bragging to your friends about your green practices or keep it to yourself knowing that you are making as many good choices about our resources as possible.

Good luck!