Pre-Finished Interior Doors

The right color paint has the ability to completely transform a room and define the attitude, style and usage of the room. The same is true of the finish (stain or paint) that you apply to your doors and millwork. A clear coat stain on a Knotty Pine or Knotty Alder panel door speaks to a rustic, Craftsman style. Those seeking a more luxurious, rich feel will trend towards darker stains on Cherry and Poplar. Traditional Colonial homes generally stick with lighter stains preserving the coloring of the wood while Modern homes often venture towards more bold colors. The type of finish and coloring you choose can help to enhance the style you are hoping to achieve and tie a room full of product together.

A quality paint or stain helps to enhance the character of your doors as well as add durability and longevity. Look at the difference that different pre-finished doors can make…which door speaks to you style?