What’s inside?

By: Holly Bayer, ASID

When planning to remodel, build, or just update a room in your home, be sure to consider the style of door and how it will relate to the overall feel of your space.

We have a wide variety of interior doors in stock and ready to be shipped tomorrow to arrive just in time for your project! And contrary to popular opinion, a six-panel door isn’t the only answer to, “which door should we select?”

If you were to walk through five homes on your block, or in your neighborhood, chances are good that you’d see a six panel door in almost every door opening. Why is that?

Doors are often overlooked as an opportunity to add personality and style. Seventy years ago, the doors would have matched the profile of the cabinetry and the millwork, exactly. There were of course trends that were followed and ignored, just like today, but the overall attention to detail was paramount.

Here are a few doors that are often forgotten and add an instant shot of interest:

Two Panel with Planking – Originally, long, narrow, planked doors were the most common exterior style door for a true Colonial home. Eventually, rails and stiles were added and then evolved from a single to a two-panel design. While we don’t stock a one panel planked door, they can be ordered and include a wide variety of species.

Three Panel – In nearly every Bungalow or Arts and Crafts inspired home, you’ll find a three panel door. This is a fun door to play with because it can be installed upside down for an entirely different look. Available to you and in stock in a variety of species.

Five Panel – the horizontal panels of this door sometimes remind homeowners of a school house or turn-of-the-century building. They elicit a casual, homespun look which is on trend this year and could be made to look quite unique in just about any species other than Oak!