6 Reasons to Pre-Finish

A quality finish is the perfect final touch for your millwork package. Finishes help to enhance the style and character of your doors, moulding, stair parts and more. There are numerous benefits to having your products pre-finished before delivery – and the beautiful, furniture grade quality is just one of them.

1. Pre-finished product is generally more thoroughly prepped, meaning a more even and consistent finish.

2. Having your product finished before delivery also eliminates the risk of contamination with drywall dust, sawdust, dirt, and other contaminants commonly present on a job site.

3. State-of-the-art equipment and technology along with a dust and climate controlled facility provides a durable finish with a uniform color, texture and sheen. You’ll get a beautiful, furniture grade finish that matches across your project.

4. Use of only the highest quality primers, paints, stains, and glazes that are specifically formulated for the environment they will be applied in and for the material they will be applied to. If well taken care of, your finish is sure to last for years.

5. Water based stains and top coats with very low VOCs and almost zero harmful emissions, plus technology that allows for the collection and reuse of over-spray, means environmentally friendly finishes with extremely low waste.

6. Finally, the product is ready for installation upon arrival, saving you time and hassle.