Spring Care and Maintenance in 10 Easy Steps

Spring is the perfect opportunity for quality home maintenance. Annual care and maintenance will increase not only the longevity and beauty of your home but the value as well. You should perform repairs as the need arises but also try each year to add a little to the home’s attractiveness on the outside. Here are 10 easy repairs and maintenance projects to get you started this Spring.

1. Reseal the driveway

During the winter, you get a lot of water in the cracks, and expansion in the cracks which will cause your driveway to deteriorate further come spring and summer. Prepare your driveway first by filling in cracks with a crack sealer; otherwise the cracks will continue to expand and contract.

2. Deal with your deck

Every few years, you should reseal your deck. Without proper care and maintenance, your deck will warp, nails will pop out and the deck won’t last as long. Pressure-wash the deck before resealing it –but be careful, using the wrong attachment or getting the pressure washer too close can damage the wood.

3. Clean your Spouts and Gutters

Winter storms clog spouts and gutters with leaves and can create ice that bend and break gutters rendering them unprepared for spring showers. Clean them out and repair if you can. This should be done at least twice a year, but you may need to do it more often if your home is surrounded by trees.

4. Caulk those leaks

Check the caulking on your siding where the walls come together — this is where a lot of expansion and contraction happens. Do the same around windows, looking for cracks in the caulk. It’s a good idea to get cracks sealed up before rain storms to prevent leaks and possible water damage.

5. Clean and repair window screens

Take screens out of storage and lay them out. Dust and gently scrub each side of the screen to clean then off. Check for rips or tears to ensure maximum protection for the Spring and Summer. Also check that the screen and frame are not bent or sagging, you made to need to tighten, repair or replace if this is the case.

6. Maintain exterior siding

Exterior paint generally lasts six to eight years, depending on your weather and environmental conditions – proper care and maintenance can help to extend its life. Trim shrubs that touch siding, windows, or trim. Be sure that soil and landscape bark touch only the foundation, not your siding. Carefully spray off mold, mud, and debris with bleach and water.

7. Spiff up your front entry

Even maintenance-free entry systems can use a little clean up in the Spring. Remove the doormat and sweep and dust the entry and all the way around the door. Keep your finish looking great by wiping the door and frame with soapy water.

8. Rake up

Take a leaf rake and gather leaves, wind-blown debris and tree branches, dispose of your piles into a yard-waste bin or a compost pile. With a broom, sweep off paths, sidewalks, steps and flagstones removing obstacles on which people could trip.

9. Clean stains from concrete

Tackle stains as soon as possible, it is best to clean them when they are still fresh and easier to clean off. A pressure washer should take care of cleaning patios and sidewalks stained by fallen leaves and dirt; it may take some time and a couple of washes for more stubborn stains.

10. Add curb appeal

Once the weather is dry, check steps, decks and porches for wood rot and peeling paint. Repaint porch steps and railings yearly with durable deck paint. Plants and flowers on and around the deck or porch will also add great curb appeal.