How Many Doors Are In Your House?

By: Holly Bayer, Interior Designer, ASID

How many doors are in your house? Which of them lock and which do not? Do they have pivot, ball bearing or pin hinges? Seldom do we think about the hardware in our homes, life is too busy to notice unless a handle is loose or not working. And yet, hardware helps us to secure our homes and pass from one room to the next.

Door and cabinet hardware is one of many small details in the home that carries a lot of weight. If you’ve recently been through a remodel or new construction, you know this. When asked to count up the number of handles and what their functions would be it might have been a surprise to see the sheer quantity of hardware you have in your home.

At Bayer Built we strive to provide a high quality offering of products for your home. We’re proud to offer two of the most beautifully detailed hardware lines on the market today, FSB and Nobilus. Take a look at the Vendor page of our website and click on either brand to view a sampling. Not only is the craftsmanship amazing, but they are both readily available.

Nobilus is an American made handle relying on a centuries old technique of lost wax method casting. Their product line has traditional, reproduction and contemporary styling. FSB has a more contemporary offering but a long history dating back to 1881. Both companies put great pride in their work and you’ll not only see the difference but you’ll also feel it.

While we have always had the capability to machine our doors to the hardware specification of your choice, regardless of brand, we can now ship our doors with FSB or Nobilus hardware. Replacing or installing a new front door has never been easier!