3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Storm Door

Before installing a storm door on your entry system, make sure it’s the right choice for your home. There are a couple of things you should really consider before choosing to install a storm door and before deciding which storm door to go with.

1. Sun Exposure

One thing to be aware of if you are thinking about installing a storm door, especially one with full view glass, is the possibility of heat build-up. If your entry system receives direct sunlight during the day and you cover it with a storm door, you’ll get heat build-up. The increased temperature around your entry door can wreak havoc on your door’s finish. If the exterior door gets direct sunlight throughout the day a storm door without ventilation is probably not be a good idea.

2. Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation for doors with direct sunlight will help to reduce the heat build-up that can occur between a storm door and entry system. There are a variety of style options to choose from when it comes to storm doors, many with different types of ventilation. Some doors come with the option for glass and screen, others are glass with venting systems, and then there are those in which you can replace the glass panel OR the screen panel in the door dependent upon the season.

3. Construction

The construction of your storm door will determine not only how long the door will last but also what kind of protection it may provide for your entry system. Some doors that are made with cheaper materials will wear out quicker with exposure to the elements. Pay special attention to the corners of the storm door. Welded corners mean superior performance without sag, bending, or bowing.