7 Must Haves for Spring Cleaning

Save yourself time, money and a lot of headache by getting organized today. Most people spend, on average, an hour a day looking for misplaced items. That means we lose 15 days a year to disorganization. But you can save yourself some of that time, by organizing your life – starting with your closets, pantry, garage, and other storage areas. Here are 7 must haves to get you started:

1. Containers with Lids. Stackable containers allow you to make use of vertical space, and lids keep everything in their place. Be sure to clearly label containers so that you don’t have to go digging through each one to find what you are looking for. Clear containers offer the additional benefit of allowing you to see contents easily.

2. Bed Risers and Under the Bed Storage. Underneath your bed is prime real estate for storage. Bed risers are the perfect way to increase storage space in a small room. They allow you to maximize available floor space; when paired with under-the-bed storage, risers are a great way to store seasonal clothing and other less frequently used items.

3. Shelving. Store more with less space using shelving that attaches to the wall. Many storage systems utilize hanging uprights and brackets that let you adjust your shelves as your storage needs change.

4. Drawer Organizers. Drawer organizers with divided compartments are an easy way to keep jewelry, office supplies, nails/screws and other smaller items organized.

5. Open Bins and Baskets. Bins and baskets allow you to toss kids’ toys, mail, mittens, or media quickly inside and keep the clutter hidden but still easily accessible.

6. Double Hang in the Closet. Having two areas of hanging space, one on top of the other, creates a double hang in a closet, giving you twice the space to hang items. Just make sure that clothes on the bottom aren’t hitting the floor, and that you can still reach clothes on the top.

7. Shoe Cubbies and Shoe Shelves. Shoe cubbies and shelves are a great upgrade for any closet system. Shoe organizers keep your shoes out of the way yet easily accessible.