Marketing Catalog Coordinator

Manages, maintains, and updates Bayer Built Woodworks’ customer catalog including design, layout, price updating, testing and distribution. Works with the cross functional Catalog Update Team to analyze catalog improvement opportunities, how to catalog new products, catalog update schedules and training considerations. Responsible for managing and maintaining the e-catalog with the assistance of an outside software developer and serves as the main contact for second level support of the e-catalog to our customers. Familiar with Bayer Built product lines, services, customer base, and distribution area. 

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Essential Functions

1.      Facilitate The Catalog Update Process
         a.       Follow the established Catalog Update Process flow chart
         b.      Serve as meeting facilitator and project lead
         c.       Adjust scheduling as necessary during the project and communicate with the Catalog Update
                   Team to keep projects on task
         d.      Serve as layout artist

2.      Support and Maintain the E-Catalog
         a.       Update the E-Catalog in conjunction with the printed catalog
         b.      Test
         c.       Provide Tier II customer support for issues that our Customer Service department are
                   unable to address
         d.      Work with the 3rd party developer to add additional product lines as necessary
         e.       Work with the 3rd party developer to make enhancements as necessary
         f.       Work with the IT department to address operational limitations, software improvements,
                  known issues, and compatibility with various operating systems

3.      Obtain print bids on requested projects.
          a.       Obtain bids and fill out print bid worksheet (to be developed)
          b.      Gather information about previous print runs, qty used and left over

4.      Develop Print Calendar for scheduling jobs (when they will go to printer and when we will
         receive them back)– post in area

5.      General Design Needs
         a.       On an as needed basis, layout/designs for company events, promotions, external & Internal
                   Newsletter, stationary, website revisions etc.

Secondary Responsibilities

1.      Assist Product Manager as required
2.      Assist with Product Sections of the website
3.      Assist with proofing of BBW literature products
4.      Assist with content for the company newsletter
5.      Other duties as assigned by the Marketing Team Leader

Necessary Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

1.      Working knowledge of current products and services.
2.      Ability to prioritize projects
3.      Fluent knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite on PC platform
4.      Fluent knowledge in Microsoft Office Suite
5.      Creativity, communication, and problem solving skills.
6.      Ability to communicate in a courteous, professional, and compelling manner both orally and in
         writing,often requiring difficult negotiations and a high level of diplomacy.
7.      Ability to work both independently and with teams

Education & Experience

1.   Associates or Bachelors degree in marketing related discipline or graphic design preferred.     

To Apply...

To apply for this position, please submit resume and cover letter to the email address below:

  • Bayer Built Woodworks
  • 24614 Hwy 71
  • Belgrade, MN 56312