Acclimated Entry Systems

Acclimated Entry Systems are exclusive to Bayer Built Woodworks; our system is a combination of premium components designed and built to meet the extreme conditions of our unpredictable climate. Select a beautiful wood, fiberglass, or steel door and surround it with our "climate enhanced" components. The standard features within our Acclimated Entry Systems allow you to choose a configuration customized to your home's style; one that will enhance the appearance and value of your home.

Force 5 is both a System and a Warranty...

This system is made up of core components which are designed independently, to work as a cohesive unit. When combined together and installed correctly, Force 5 generates maximum protection against the elements. Endura's Force 5 System components have been strenuously tested against punishing levels of water, heat, wind, and cold to ensure excellent quality and durability. When Force 5 components are combined with premium doors, the result is the highest water resistance rating attainable.



 Look for the Label...

The Force 5 Warranty: Every Force 5 Component is guaranteed to the original homeowner to be free of defect in material or workmanship for the life of the product. The warranty even provides payment by Endura of up to $1,500 reimbursement if the Force 5 entry system fails to perform (on the basis of water infiltration) to the certified performance criteria of that sytem.


  • Exterior Door Features

    Acclimated Entry Systems offer only the best frame and clad options for the Midwest climate. Choose from a variety of variety of colors to suit your needs.

  • Exterior Door Options

    Acclimated Entry Systems offer a number of accessories include Multi Point Locks, Luxury Hardware, Hinge and Sill Options, and more.

  • Pre-Finish

    Bayer Built Woodworks is proud to offer the highest quality Pre-Finish available for all of your millwork. Having your product pre-finished before delivery eliminates warping, splitting, and other problems that result from humidity fluctuations during construction and installation.

  • Glass Style

    With over 20 glass styles available on a variety of door designs, there is an Acclimated Entry System to suit any home.